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paper mario coloring page

Paper Mario is set in the Paper Mushroom Kingdom as the protagonist Paper Mario tries to rescue Paper Princess Peach from Paper Bowser, who has imprisoned the seven “Star Spirits”, lifted her castle into the sky and has successfully defeated his foe after stealing the Star Rod from Star Haven and making himself invincible. To save the Paper Mushroom Kingdom, rescue Paper Peach, get the castle back, and defeat Paper Bowser, Paper Mario must locate the Star Spirits, who can negate the effects of the stolen Star Rod, by defeating Paper Bowser’s minions guarding the Star Spirits. The player controls Paper Mario and a number of partners to solve puzzles in the game’s overworld and defeat enemies in a turn-based battle system. The battles are unique in that the player can influence the effectiveness of attacks by performing required controller inputs known as “action commands”.

paper mario coloring page, So each kid has a different picture to color.

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